To look at the European Union and the countries of Europe which stood back and watched Jewish people go to the gas chambers now stand back and watch the Zionist offspring of those victims turned perpetrator and torture the children of Palestine and do nothing about it.

And here in Ireland, where more than anybody else, we understand from living, historic experience, oppression and repression and slaughter because we wanted nothing more than to live in peace and dignity in land that belonged to us. And to watch the Irish government, who very recently acquired permanent status at the
United Nations, use their very first vote on a human rights issue to have nothing to say! - for fear of offending America - for fear of offending the European Union - to which it in now hock in the European banks….

And something that people in America might want to think: The population of Gaza is very little more than the population of Northern Ireland. But the people are living in a strip of land that barely runs the length of the side of Lough Neagh. And the number of people killed in less than three weeks and injured in Gaza in less than three weeks, Sandy, is more, more than we lost in thirty years! How can people watch it and not condemn the State of Israel for the inhumanity and war crimes they have committed?

-Irish revolutionary socialist Bernadette Devlin McAliskey, interviewed on Radio Free Éireann, WBAI, July 2014 (via wobblydash)

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